Name: HCC Barlina
Non-carrier for; CEA, PRA, and DM. Affected: MDR-1 Lina is a character! she loves to be a part of anything that you do. She is a good mother and takes care of her little ones with lots of care.
Name: HCC Selah
Non-carrier for CEA, PRA, DM, and MDR1. Selah is one of our best guard dogs for watching out for the cattle, and her puppies. She is very watchful of everything that is going on around her.

Retired Dams

 HCC Mischief

Non-carrier for CEA, PRA, and DM.

Carrier for MDR-1.

Mischief was the first female collie that we owned. She has been the best one so far too. She has guarded the cows, sheep, and goats from wild animals from the sky as well as on the ground. She loves people, but holds strangers at bay until they have been introduced to her. Barlina is one of her puppies. Mischief has passed away. And we will miss our best dog.