Name: Blue Mill Meadows Titus
Age: 8
Born: 07/29/2015
Titus is our newest herd sire he is 40 inches at 4 yrs and very husky too! He is A2/A2 and is negative for BLV, BVD, Johnnies, and BD1. He has produced some beautiful stocky well formed babies. We have kept some back and are looking forward to seeing what his genetics provide to our herd!
Name: Taylors Moonshine Man
Age: 8
Born: 12/02/2015
Moonshine is A2/A2 and Homozygous polled. He stands 41 inches tall five years old and we are looking forward to see what he throws in his offspring!
Name: MPRR Hans
Age: 10
Born: 04/04/2014
Hans is A2/A2 Homozygous polled and is negative for BLV, BVD, Johnnies, TB, and Bruc, and BD1. He is halter trained and stands at 41" tall to date. He is almost solid black, but has some fawn highlights along his back. He has some beautiful calves that are very short and stocky!
Name: HCC Ephriam
Age: 3
Born: 01/29/2021
Ephriam is A2/A2 and homozygous polled! He is B/B, B/B on his Kappa Casein and Beta Lactoglobulin. We are excited to see how he develops in size and nature. 20"@ birth.