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A Little History About the Miniature Jerseys!

The miniature jerseys originated on the Channel Islands off the British coast. Early imports were also received from Britain and the Guernsey islands. The first registered Jerseys were imported into the U.S. in 1850 by John A. Tainter. Many other imports came over the following years, eventually establishing a large population across the country. On December 31st 1956 the American Jersey Cattle Club had registered 2,737,259 head of jersey cattle. The late 1940's and early 1950's saw the beginning of the decline of these small Jerseys  and the creating of the larger modern jerseys that we see today. Most of the small original type jerseys left today trace back to an importation of a Mr. Snow of Dobson, North Carolina, and from stock he purchased from other importers. It is through the interest of people like you that these delightful little cattle will be preserved and restored.


 Why should I purchase a Mini Jersey instead of a Standard Jersey?

The miniature Jersey is much smaller so requires less forage than a standard jersey. The general saying in the mini jersey circle is; " two miniatures to one standard forage". They produce the same quantity or a little less in milk, and  they have a much higher cream content of about 40% or more. They keep their weight up at the same time as feeding a calf and keeping you supplied in milk. They are very friendly and curious so they make a wonderful family cow. They're height range is from 36" to as tall as 48". They are easy to handle on a halter or off of one.

Where can I find a Miniature Jersey for sale?

There are many people raising miniature jerseys and cross miniature jerseys today. We have included a few of these websites attached below.


http://www.miniaturejerseyherdbook.com/sale barn



Where do I Register My Cow?

There are two main registries that are strictly for the miniature jersey cattle. We started with the American Miniature Jersey Association & Registry, LLC. We have used them with great success for the past 17 years and have had no problems with them. They are very friendly and will answer any questions that you may have. The second one is the Miniature Jersey Herd Book and Registry. They are relatively new and we do have a few cows registered with them. They have handled the transactions quickly and are easy to reach by phone or email. We have included their websites below.



We hope that with this introduction to the miniature jerseys you will start out on an adventure of your own with one of these beautiful Animals.


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